Is The Whole Greater Than the Sum of its Parts?

My second child, a boy, is almost three weeks old.  Before he was born, friends with multiple children warned, “A second child is exponentially more work than one kid.”  Friends with one child – or no children – would say, “I’ve heard that a second child is exponentially more work than one kid.”

Well, is it really?  Yup.  Because there’s a difference between doing twice the work because your colleague is on vacation, and staying up from 12-3 am with a child with a fever.  Then, when you finally put him to sleep, your other child wakes up with a nightmare and keeps you up the rest of the night.  Not to mention the interpersonal dynamics that come with a second child, such as jealousy and defiance in the older one.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love being a dad of two kids.  Yes I am tired, but its a good kind of tired, and its a pretty rewarding experience.

Just be ready – the whole is DEFINITELY greater than the sum of its parts!


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