My Pathetic Redskins

They are definitely pathetic, but they’re my team.  This past season, I spent the money to get the DirectTV Sunday Ticket so I could watch the ‘Skins play, because I actually thought they would be decent.  Little did I know that they would lose most of their games, and in the games they did win, they made me suffer to the bitter end.

Which brings us to this week.  I have hope once again, as they traded for the #2 draft pick, virtually guaranteeing that they will get Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.  And they have been making moves to beef up the receiving corps around him.

But what they giveth with one hand, they taketh away with the other.  The NFL has penalized the Redskins a whopping $36 million against their salary cap for shenanigans they pulled in 2010, when there was no cap.  This has obviously made it more difficult to get the good receivers they need, as the Redskins have already lost top free agent prospect Vincent Jackson to Tampa Bay and are still negotiating with Bronco Eddie Royal, even though recent reports said he had already signed with the Redskins.

A friend of mine recently said, “every year you say they are going to be good.  It’s never going to happen.”  But they were good for a long time – a long time ago (check out this link from the Washington Post:  So maybe they can be good again, and prove my friend wrong.



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2 responses to “My Pathetic Redskins

  1. jay

    the good news is with RG3 and Pierre Garcon, your skins may do okay next year. I wouldn’t expect playoffs, but better than this past year for sure.

  2. Jay

    yes they were good- back when we were young 😉

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