Alan Randall Steinberg: Strategic Communication and Publicity Expert

posted at http://t1.gstatic.comStrategic and corporate communications professional Alan Randall Steinberg is an expert at getting major clients the publicity they want. He has a track record of acquiring brand exposure in such important media outlets as NPR and the New York Times. In addition, he also has a history of successfully advocating for important causes. Randy Steinberg may have an impressive résumé of corporate work, but he has never lost his appetite for giving back to the community. That’s why he has volunteered since 2011 at Bet Tzedek Legal Services, a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to the most disadvantaged members of society.

Bet Tzedek translates from Hebrew as “House of Justice.” The organization provides a range of free legal services to people of all backgrounds who have endured abuse, exploitation, or other types of unfair treatment. Mr. Steinberg puts his talents to good use with the Bet Tzedek Legal Services Conservatorship Program. In this capacity, he helps to secure conservatorships for people so that they can more effectively care for their adult children with developmental disabilities, or for senior citizens with cognitive impairments. By helping to connect these vulnerable people with good, responsible care, he continues to serve Los Angeles and make it a better place.


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