The One About The Subway to the Sea

I’m back.  I know I should do this more regularly rather than in fits and starts, but with a relatively new job (more about this in later posts) two small kids, things fall by the wayside sometimes.

Anyway, I took my kids on the new Metro Expo Line extension (also referred to as the Subway to the Sea) to Santa Monica on May 21, the first Saturday it was in operation.  I’m glad it exists, but it definitely has some kinks to work out. Here they are:

It’s Not a Subway

It is above ground light rail, with certain segments right at street- level.  These street-level segments are particularly slow, because there are people and cars in close proximity to the train.  The “Subway to the Sea” was originally supposed to be the Metro Purple Line, but there are no actual plans to extend the Purple Line to Santa Monica.  At this point, only the Expo goes there.


This is ironic.  We almost couldn’t use public transportation because there was no PARKING at the Culver City station.  And I heard that the parking situation there is only going to get worse because a hotel is going to be built where the parking lot is now.  Luckily, I don’t have any confirmation of that at this point.

Will post again soon.



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2 responses to “The One About The Subway to the Sea

  1. susie

    Planning on using the Expo Line today, so I hope there’s enough parking!

  2. Can’t wait to take the Expo Line! But the Subway to the Sea, alas, will only go to the VA. Boo!

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