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Immigration Legal Assistance Project Offers Citizenship Guidance

A graduate of Tulane Law School, Alan Randall Steinberg also possesses a bachelor’s degree in government from Franklin Marshall College. In addition to the duties he performed as a principal at The Valence Group, Inc., Alan Randall Steinberg also has volunteered at the Immigration Legal Assistance Project.

Providing assistance to low-income Los Angeles citizens, the Immigration Legal Assistance Project is sponsored by the Los Angeles County Bar Association. The organization serves approximately 7,500 individuals each year and offers legal guidance as well as translation and notary services. For its most recent event, dubbed Law Day, the Project hosted an immigration fair that reached an estimated 100 individuals. Local residents seeking information on US citizenship had access to volunteers trained in immigration legal consultation.

Open to the public, the Project staffs qualified volunteers who commit a day of service weekly for 12-week cycles. Accepting volunteers ranging from law students to attorneys, the Immigration Legal Assistance Project provides educational training in US citizenship and immigration law. Additionally, volunteers learn the proper procedures for executing work permits, green card applications, and travel permits, among other applicable immigration documents.


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