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I’m Not a Broncos or Jets Fan – I’m A Tim Tebow Fan

Bill Plaschke of the the Los Angeles Times couldn’t have said it any better.  “Five months after he captured a nation’s imagination by pulling out five last-gasp victories and throwing a bomb that gave the Broncos an overtime playoff win…Tim Tebow has seemingly lost everything.”

This reminds me of what former Philadelphia Eagles coach Buddy Ryan said about prolific receiver Cris Carter after he let him go: “All he does is catch touchdowns.”  Well, all Tim Tebow did was win games, leading the Broncos to their first AFC West title in six years.

I really don’t care if Tebow isn’t accurate – he’s a leader and a WINNER.  And I’d much rather have a winner at QB than someone with much better stats who can’t win games.  Jeff George, one of Dan Snyder’s many ridiculous decisions, is an example of that.  He was great passer, but a loser nonetheless.  And, to top it off, he was a toxic locker room presence who couldn’t lead anybody anywhere.

And I don’t care that Tim Tebow wears his Christianity on his sleeve.  If that’s what inspires him, good for him.  We all need some kind of inspiration to get through the day.  If Tebow thought that G-d cared about football games, that would be one thing.  But he doesn’t, and he said as much.  Tebow simply uses his faith to motivate himself.

While other NFL players get in legal trouble for things ranging from killing people to organizing dogfighting rings, Tebow does charitable work and, is generally a good influence.  So, my humble advice is to LEAVE THE KID ALONE.

And what should he say to


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